Over Scalda

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Scalda is a VET (Vocational Education and Training) institution and the main supplier to the labour market in Zeeland, in the South West of the Netherlands. In total Scalda has about 8000 students, 1200 employees and offers more than 100 training programmes in the following professional fields:

  • Business, Commerce, Security, Hospitality and Agriculture
  • Maritime, IT and Technology
  • Health and Social Care
  • Sports and Dance

At Scalda, we are guided by our values ​​in everything we do, striving for commitment, versatility, clarity and accessibility. Our lecturers provide their students with ample attention and guidance in a pleasant, structured and student-oriented environment. Scalda offers versatile, high quality education that is in line with an ever changing the labour market. To this end, we take into consideration the economic, demographic and social developments in and around Zeeland as well as the global challenges and technological innovation in our living and working environment. Together with businesses, institutions and local authorities, we offer training programmes at four different levels and ensure our education remains accessible to students with diverse backgrounds and  educational needs.

At Scalda, we offer small-scaled, student-centred education. The age range of our students is generally 16-20.  We provide both full-time courses with internships, and work-based options with employment contracts, both options are available at four different levels:

  1. Entry level (EQF1)
  2. Basic vocational level (EQF2)
  3. Professional Education (EQF3)
  4. Middle Management (EQF4)

International orientation

We aim at giving guidance and support with regard to the international development of our students and staff members. To this end, we are committed to promoting cross-border and international activities. In addition, we strive to enhance awareness about inclusion, diversity, sustainability and global issues as outlined in the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, digitalisation and active participation of young people in democracy. We therefore encourage our students to develop their international skills, either by taking part in international oriented activities through the so-called ‘internationalisation at home’ program or by gaining international (professional) experience abroad.

Scalda has an extensive international network with numerous cooperation agreements in different countries. In addition, a growing number of students takes the leap to do an internship abroad or participate in an excursion or project abroad. In 2022, Scalda was awarded the Erasmus+ accreditation, in recognition of both the quality of previous mobility projects within Scalda as well as of  Scalda’s international ambition and strategy.


Florence Marchand
International Officer